Testimonials #2


  • Dept of Army Manpower and Force Management

Dear Ms. Davis:
“I extend my sincere appreciation for the extra efforts you gave in the "Your First Federal Job" course that you recently instructed.  It is people like you who make our world a better place, simply by taking the extra time it takes to ensure that all are comfortable with the content and understand it well.  I can safely say you were well received by all. You stand head and shoulders above others in the facilitation field and I appreciate the time you took to care.  Once again, thank you for an outstanding job and contributing to the success of our orientation. “
Roy A. Wallace
Functional Chief Representative

  • Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

From:  Harry D. Raduege, Jr.
The Director takes pleasure in presenting this Certificate of Achievement to Greta Y. Davis for Non- Technical Program/Project of the year.
As The Graduate School Project Lead, you helped to oversee and manage the mission and functions of the agency and developed an agenda and new guide to complement the critical needs of the employees.  The team envisioned the course to provide instruction to over 4000 current and new Action Officers.  The plan was implemented to train up to 60 Action Officers a month.
Over 50 Action Officers have participated in the course over a two-month span.  All of whom validated through evaluation forms that the course was 100 percent on target and vastly needed to accomplish the Agency's critical mission.”

  • Selected Participant Comments:

"I thought I knew a lot about the Agency until I attended the AO Course, Great Course!!*
"Having a degree in engineering and a 10-Navy Officer, I did not realize how much I had forgotten and/or never learned about grammar and writing.  Greta your knowledge, facilitation skills, and thorough expertise helped me to identify key needs-improvement areas--I now confidently know when to use the correct possessive form of the pronoun "it." Thank you for your humor and allowing all of us to have fun and learn--You're One of a Kind!"

  • Greta:

"Words cannot express how great and rewarding this class has been for me."
"Thank you for everything; you're an amazing instructor"!  Tonia Harding
"Thank you for being such a dynamic and great teacher.  Hope to see you in another class"
"Thanks for the outstanding teachings during the three days"!    Charlene
"Great  class. Very interesting.  Enjoyed you and the class"    Cindy
"Thank you.  You are very inspirational and amazing.  Best of luck to you. "    Brenda
"I have truly enjoyed your course and our 'talks'.   Kathy
"What a dynamic instructor--you are very knowledgeable and inspiring."    Carol
"I have really enjoyed your class and your sense of humor."   Nancy
"Thanks for the education and laughs!!!  I truly enjoyed this class.  You are an excellent instructor"!   Amy
"Absolutely a Super Class.  I will recommend that managers take this with their employees.  Thank you for the enlightenment!!"    Vance
"Informative and reaffirming."    Steve
"Informative and engaging--just needs to be a week-long course to allow for more practical exercises.  I learned so much from working with the small group exercises."    Charlene
"It was interactive and gave each student a chance to participate, share, and learn."   Stephanie
"Excellent instructor; kept class engaged and provided practical how-to's."  
"No improvement is necessary for this course at all.  Outstanding presentation!"   Yvonne
"Thank goodness no power points--your command of the subject matter and engaging style kept me focused throughout.  Thank you for involving everyone and providing realistic and practical situations and strategies--can't wait to get back to work and apply what I've learned."   Joseph
"How wonderful you are!"  I had a previous class and heard about "Who Moved My Cheese" but didn't connect the dots--Your style enabled me to absorb the critical information about change and I plan to implement right away.  Thanks so much!"
"My boss signed me up for this course and I came in with an "attitude."  What a blessing!  I learned so much and now appreciate how much I really do need to do and think differently.  Cannot believe how elated I feel.  Keep doing what you are doing and know that I will be referring this class and you to my colleagues and even my boss (smile)"
"I must admit I was reluctant about being in a class with so many lower-graded folks.  Your engaging and affirming style of delivery enabled me to see the value in synergy not just at work but in my entire life.  This was a life-changing event for me and I realize now that learning is a process.  I needed  this.  Continue what you do because there are many others out there like me."   Sylvia