Keith Robinson is not only a thoughtful scholar and insightful commentator on leadership, as evidenced by his dissertation and articles, but he is also one of the most skillful management trainers and facilitators I have witnessed in my 35 years as a professor, consultant, trainer, and administrator. While it is not unusual to see either thoughtful scholars or skilled trainers, it is relatively unusual to see this combination of skills in one person. Keith Robinson is that rare person!   Theodore H. Curry II
Associate Provost and Associate Vice President
Professor, School of Human Resources and Labor Relations
Michigan State University

What Dr. Robinson has written is accurate and well-stated. Succession planning is for the United States government and any organization which hopes to become or remain effective and efficient. The departure of long-term critical skills and knowledge is devastating to organizational behavior. If appropriate succession planning is implemented, an organization will continue to flourish. What many people believe that there is a huge difference between private and public sectors. That is not the case. One of the problems with governments, in general, is that governments don't adopt more of the characteristics of the private sector.  I know, because I've had many years of experience on both sides of the equation.    Dr. Wendell V. Fountain, Principal Fountain Associates—

Very nice read !  Dr. Ingo Keilitz, President, Sherwood Consulting/Courtmetrics

Great article...now what can you do to help train mangers in learning to be more vigilant and proactive in succession planning.  There is a real need in the industry both private and public for this skill set .  Tracie Cairnie, MPA, Coaching Consultant

Wow - very impressive!   Lisa K. Pearson , SPHR

Director, Consolidated Processing Center

Office of the Chief People Officer, GSA

I definitely enjoyed the read. Your points are right-on and, unfortunately, ignored by many organizations. I especially enjoyed your fifth paragraph where you painted a picture of what could happen without succession planning as well as your ten practical tips to avoid that. Good job!  Let's hope your persuasive points impact those who most need to begin implementing them. Linda Comerford, Independent Training Consultant   

Way to go Doc, impressive! Dr. Joseph E. Hines, Senior Consultant, ITA  

Great article. I especially like your statement that "there is no one size fits all" succession planning process. Additionally, Tip #5 - having a sense of urgency - (as articulated by Kotter in his book by the same name) - is critically important! Tip #7 is also crucial. Many organizations fail to inspire "leadership at all levels" when developing succession planning processes. They often forget that the future leaders of the organization might be hidden deep in the trenches.

Dr. Marcus M. Mottley, President, Speak Train Consulting


Read through the article, very interesting.  So many agencies, orgs, institutions need to start moving in this direction, like yesterday.  You have hit on something Dr. Robinson, truly you have. Andréa Thompson, Independent Training Consultant

Great Job... Brother Dr. Robinson!!! Darryl E. Harris, Vice President, Business Development, Applied Integrated Marketing and Design, LLC  

WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing this terrific achievement of yours with me.

Sue Murphy Murray, Independent Training Consultant

Excellent article Dr. Robinson!!! Chonita O’Bryant, Executive Assistant     

Dr. Robinson, your article is excellent and will assist inquiries and applicants for the Rural Micro Entrepreneur Assistance Program (RMAP) in developing their Succession Plan which is required as part of their application for assistance. Sherry L. Paige, Business & Cooperative Program Specialist 

Dr. Robinson, I read your article on succession planning and was very interested. We are currently working on our overall strategic plan and succession planning definitely needs to be a part of it. Do you recommend any particular resources? Are there any workgroups? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Dr. Steven Christy, Lead: Strategic Planning Dept.

Hi I loved your article. I work in HR for a federal agency as a contractor and I’d like to help the government with succession planning. Dr. Robinson, do you know which federal agencies actually do, and need help with succession planning? I don’t see much activity at my particular agency; so I thought I would ask you—thank you Sir! Sharon McCormick, M.S., C.C.M