About Ms Greta Y. Davis
Vice President, & Senior Associate

Greta Y. Davis, Ms Ed. is a full-time consultant and focuses on organizational and individual effectiveness in today's changing environment. While serving in the civilian workforce for over 22 years to include 14 years as the Training Director at The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for the Retirement Operations Group at Headquarters in Washington, DC and in the field at the Boyers, Pa location.  In this capacity, she directed a full-time staff of 18 Benefits Specialists and instructors along with more than 300 trainees. The primary mission focused on providing training and advisory support to federal agencies in the shift of Civil Service Retirement Service (CSRS) to a new option referred to as the Federal Employee Retirement Systems now known as FERS. After the successful launching of the government-wide initiative, Ms. Davis was selected and completed a year-long training and development program designed for potential SES candidates.

    After being a participant in the program, she decided to leave the civil service and became a successful independent consultant in a wide array of federal, private, and non-profit entities.  Within a couple of years, she moved forward and distinguished herself as The Director, TQM and Staff Development at The University of Maryland, University College at College Park, and internationally in Europe and Asia. In this capacity she provided oversight, direction and delivery of training and development services to students, administrators, and faculty. For the past 15 years, she has continued to serve as an adjunct faculty member at Strayer University, John Hopkins University and The Graduate School.edu.  She continues to serve at The Graduate School and conducts open-enrollment and customized courses and workshops for a diverse array of clients ranging from the Department of Defense, HUD, FEMA, DOT, Treasury, Commerce, and many others. 

    While Ms. Davis is regarded as a dynamic and engaging facilitator and public speaker, she prides herself in being a top-notch Instructional Systems Designer (ISD). In this capacity, she has received accolades from several federal agencies, e.g. DISA, Dept of Army, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, HUD, and DOT for her in-depth and customized analysis, design and development of customized materials for her clients.  Focusing on the client and their needs, she is well versed in a wide variety of techniques and strategies to assist the client in determining precisely what the challenge is and how to proceed to identify specific outcomes to meet their needs as well as exceed their expectations. For example, due to the recent in flux of first-time federal employees from the private sector and recent college graduates, the Department of Army discovered there was a pressing need to integrate these new hires in to their existing workforce.  Ms. Davis was summoned to design a participant coursebook and job aid that would familiarize newcomers to their various positions. After extensive consultation with the client, she developed a comprehensive course and materials to ensure a smooth and effective transition.  Feedback from some of this initiative and others can be found under the "testimonial header."

    Ms. Davis is licensed to teach and certified to administer MBTI: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and is a life-time member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). Ms. Davis earned a Master of Science degree in Counseling and Education from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Ca and a BA in English and Speech from the University of Charleston, WV.

Specific Areas of Concentration:
•    Course Design and Development

o    Your First Federal Job
o    Action Officer's Guidebook
o    Resume Writing and KSA's

•    Course Delivery Topics

o    Leading Change
o    Project Management
o    Supervision, Management, and Leadership
o    Effective Business Writing
o    Briefing and Effective Presentations
o    Conflict Resolution
o    Communication:  Assertiveness, Crucial Conversations
o    Teambuilding
o    MBTI and Johari Window
o    Federal Workplace Basics
o    Administrative Officers and Action Offers
o    HR for Supervisors and Manager
o    Political Savvy and Emotional Intelligence
o    Total Quality Management
o    Sexual Harassment, Diversity, and Bullying
o    Workplace Violence
o    KSA and Resume Writing
o    Behaviorally-anchored Interviewing for employees and Managers
o    Legal Issues and Ethics
o    Workplace Basics:  Conduct and Performance Challenges
o    Needs Assessment and Focus Groups
o    Empowerment Principles
o    Design and Development
o    Evaluation Strategies and protocols

•    Organization Development Intervention

o    Strategic Planning
o    Train-the-Trainer
o    Customer Service Excellence
o    Performance Management
o    Team Development
o    Evaluation Strategies and protocols