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Keith E. Robinson is Founder, President, CEO and Senior Associate with K Edward Robinson and Associates. Dr. Robinson is also a highly decorated Navy veteran. While on active duty, he earned both his Enlisted Surface Warfare and Air Warfare designator pins and was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal, Joint Service Achievement Medal, Navy Good Conduct Medal (4 stars) and a host of other meritorious accolades. He departed the Navy a lauded “master instructor” and his teaching portfolio includes facilitating courses on a variety of topics, including quality management, leadership, fundamentals of total quality management, continuous process improvement, methods for managing quality, systems approach to process improvement, team effectiveness, and team skills. Dr. Robinson’s areas of expertise include organizational leadership and management training, staff development, organizational leadership, leadership and management training program development, succession planning and implementation strategy development, talent management and intelligence, and quality management. Dr. Robinson is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI), and Thomas-Kilman Conflict Modes. He also completed a 4-day certificate program in coaching sponsored by ASTD.


Dr. Robinson is an Adjunct Professor at George Mason University in the area of management in the School of Management. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland at University College, where he has taught upper level, undergraduate management courses, including strategic management: advanced business models (capstone course); management and organization theory; organizational behavior; leading change; business ethics; and customer service management for 12 years. Dr. Robinson has earned five nominations in seven years for the distinguished Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award. He received a letter of commendation within his first 45 days of hire, and rated 35th among 808 professors at the University of Maryland University College.


Dr. Robinson has authored articles for numerous publications, including the DC Courts Newsletter, Full Court Press; the New Jersey Courts Newsletter, The Beacon; and American Society for Quality Newsletter. He recently authored an article titled Ten Tips Organizations Should Consider When Implementing a Successful Succession Plan, published in http://www.fedsmith.com/article/2965/ten-tips-organizations-should-consider-when.html with a readership of 4,500 plus. His most recent publications include:


  • Robinson, K. E. Succession Planning: A Work “NOT” in Progress. Unpublished Manuscript (August 2011).

  • Robinson, K.E. Forward Thinking: One on One Leadership. Unpublished Manuscript (August 2011).
  • Robinson, K. E. Succession Planning: The Stakes Are High. Unpublished Manuscript (July 2011).
  • Robinson, K. E. Succession Planning: Make It a Top Priority. Unpublished Manuscript(June 2011).
  • Robinson, K.E. Succession Planning: How Clear is YOUR Line of Sight? Published Manuscript ( May 2012)
  • Dissertation: Title of Work: Evaluation of Succession Planning to Improve Court Employees’ Career Development Opportunities’

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His research interests include organizational leadership, succession planning and implementation strategy, workforce cross-training and development and talent management and intelligence.

 Dr. Robinson earned a B.S. degree in Psychology at Bowie State University, and a M.S.A degree in Human Resources with a specialization in Human Resource Administration at Central Michigan University. His speaking portfolio includes presentations at Howard University and American University; he has also spoken at the University of the District of Columbia and delivered the alumni address for the graduating class of 1999 at Central Michigan University, Mayport, FL (satellite campus). He is a lifetime member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter, Largo, MD. He earned his Ed.D. from Nova Southeastern University with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and a specialization in Human Resources Development (HRD).


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Dr. Keith Robinson, Ed.D, SPHR